mik Sound Case Review

If you’re interested in buying a new iPhone case, then you’ve probably realized how many different types are out there. First, there are differences in materials, shapes and overall design. Secondly, many cases are specialized in one function, so there are cases which provide additional extra-tough protection, some are bringing additional camera lenses, while there are also those which are able of amplifying the sound. So it really comes down to your budget and what your primary needs and wants are.

Speaking of sound amplifying cases, there’s a huge selection of this type. We already brought you reviews of some of these cases, including the Kubxlab’s AmpJacket which received the best possible rating. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take a look at newcomers, which are always trying to bring the next best thing.

mik Sound Case 2

Today we’re bringing you a review of the mik Sound Case, made for the iPhone 5/5S. This one is priced at $20, which sounds like a very good price for this phone case type. Continue reading to see how effective this one is, and what kind of protection it brings.

The mik Sound Case looks like just about any rubbery case, which I believe is its very compelling selling point. Most sound amplifying cases come in odd shapes, just take the AmpJacket for example. Some are using this odd shape to solve some protection problems, while this shape can be the main problem for many cases. With the mik Sound Case you won’t have to worry about that. When it comes to installation, all you need is to push your phone into the case, which can be a bit harder than you can imagine. It’s clear that this case is designed to hold your phone very tightly, but you’ll need to be very careful while pushing it, in order to place the phone inside. The same goes for removing the phone, which I believe can permanently damage the case.

Speaking of design, this case is very simple and even minimalistic. It’s available in several bright colors, so you’ll get to find the one which suits you the best. Some buttons are covered, like the sleep/wake and volume buttons. On the bottom edge you’ll see that there are two openings. One is for the headphone and microphone, while the other one is for the Lightning port. As you can see from the pictures the speaker is blocked, which reroutes the sound to the back of this case. There are two differently sized grilles on the back, whose main role is to amplify the sound. I need to say that this system works, since sound is clearly much louder than before. The only thing that I didn’t like is that the sound seems a bit more flat than usual, but you shouldn’t expect too much from a smartphone speaker.

The good thing about the mik Sound Case is its price, which is undoubtedly very competitive on today’s market. It offers good protection and sound amplification. The only problem with this is one is that it’s too tight, which can damage the case while placing the phone in or out.


Slite Card Case Review

Wallet cases are increasingly popular iPhone-compatible accessories which now provide more than one basic functionality. During the past few years these cases went through several design changes, since designers usually wanted to expand their functionality in order to get bigger sales. Even though we’ve seen variety of different and some very unusual designs, two types came out of this evolution. These are standard-looking cases with a pouch on their back sides, and there are also folio-style wallet cases.

In today’s article we’ll take a look at CM4’s Slite Card Case, which is the newest wallet case made by a company known for a very successful wallet case named Q Card Case (you can still find a review of this product on MacReview.com). The Slite Card Case is made for the iPhone 5C, and it comes priced at $30 which sounds like a good deal. Now let’s take a closer look at this wallet case.

Even though the Slite Card Case could be considered as a successor to the Q Card Case, there’s a number of differences and it seems that a completely new design philosophy has been used while designing it. This case is completely made from plastics, available in four colors. I am not sure why these four colors don’t match the iPhone 5C signature feature (differently colored phones), but on the other hand this could have been made on purpose. You’ll be able to choose from black, grey, blue, and dark red.

Slite Card Case 3

By looking at its front side (once the iPhone is placed inside of it) it’s clear that designers had intention to deal with small details. I really liked that the case is a bit extruded over the phone’s screen which gives some protection from scratches if you place the phone facing down. On the sides of the case you’ll see that the buttons are covered, which creates some issues with responsiveness. While the side volume buttons work great, there are some issues with the top-positioned sleep/wake button which needs bigger pressure to work.

On the back you’ll find the signature feature of the Slite Card Case, and that’s the wallet pocket. It’s designed to hold up to three cards, which could be easily pushed in and out of this pouch. Another thing I liked are those nicely designed and slightly rounded edges which work great with the iPhone’s aesthetics. On the other hand, these corners will get dirty if you choose the blue colored case.

Slite Card Case 1

Finally, on the bottom you’ll find one large pill-shaped opening which allows easy access. Even though this leaves the ports somewhat exposed to dirt and dust, this also means that the case is compatible with a variety or 3rd party Lightning cables, accessories and plugs.

What’s good about the Slite Card Case is that it’s nicely designed and quality made product, which gives proper protection to your phone. There’s nothing outstanding when it comes to this case, since it only tries to give something we’ve already seen so many times. For only $30 for a wallet case, I wouldn’t call this a bad deal at all.

iSkin Exo, for iPhone 5/5S Review

It seems that new iPhone cases are being made and released almost on a daily basis, if we speak about well-known iOS-compatible accessory makers. This is not just a feeling, but a regular trend which happens almost every year once Apple unveils the newest iPhone generation. This year it was a known fact that Apple will introduce two new phones, which made manufacturers completely pause creation of new cases in order to be prepared for adjustment to any new standards.

In case you like to spend some time learning more about iPhone cases before making a final purchase, than you probably know about a company called iSkin. This company introduced several very interesting and very popular iPhone cases during the last couple of years. With the introduction of iPhone 5C, iSkin also unveiled the newest generation of Exo cases. In this article we’ll take a look at the newest product by iSkin which carries the name of Exo series, but this one is made for the iPhone 5 and 5S.

iSkin Exo 2

I was always very interested in reviewing products designed and made by iSkin, since I’ve had a chance of reviewing several very quality made cases which also brought at least one very interesting, prominent, and innovative design feature. As it name says, Exo case bring some kind of exoskeleton protection, but making it as light and thin as possible. Now let’s take a look at its design and functionality.

The Exo case is a dual-layer case, where inner layer is made of hard rubber which is covered with strips of plastic on the outside. You can actually choose from four color combinations: black, white, and there are also very playful and vibrant combinations like blue/yellow and purple/pink.

iSkin Exo 3

Installation is very simple and effortless, and all you need to do is to carefully position your iPhone and gently press it inside the rubber shell. I really liked this kind of dual-layer construction, since it allows you to perfectly position your phone by slightly opening up the rubber case and pushing the phone in. After the phone is settled, rubber will firmly grip it and keep your iPhone in its place. Proper position is crucial since Exo case brings button covers, also made of rubber, which are doing a very good job. Speaking of that one interesting design feature that we could find with almost any iSkin-made case, the Exo case brings the built-in Lightning port protector.

In terms of design, it’s clear that designers at iSkin tried to give their best to offer very simple, yet interestingly designed product. As you can imagine, this case is also doing a very good job with this primary role. Dual layer is there to keep your phone protected in case you drop it, and the extruded edges are there to keep the screen somewhat protected. You will need to use a screen protector in case you’d like to create an all-around protection for your phone.

If you’re currently searching for a new case for your iPhone 5/5S, I would recommend taking a look at the Exo case. Not everyone will like its design, but I assume that many will. It’s affordable and offers great protection, with some extra features.

Impact Trio Review

Tech21 is a British company known for some very interesting and original iPhone accessories. In the past we’ve had the chance of reviewing one of their products named the Impact Band, which is a protective case for the iPhone 5, and which comes with security bands included, designed to enhance the protection. We were quite happy with this product, and it received 4.5/5 rating. In today’s article we are going to take a look at the newest product by Tech21, which is also an iPhone case.

The Impact Trio case features very interesting design, which keeps things simple and brings only a dash of a color. This is a classic shell case, made for iPhone 5/5S, and comes priced at $35.

Before continuing with this review, I need to say that MacReview recently brought an article of CandyShell case (made by Speck) which is quite similar to this one. Their prices are also the same, which makes me believe that these two shell cases are in a direct competition, and most users would like to see a comparison of these products.

Impact Trio 1

When it comes to design, the Impact Trio case doesn’t bring anything new or revolutionary. Still, this is a quality made product, and it’s also clear that designers at Tech21 spent some time making sure that every aspect of this case is nicely designed and properly working. Thanks to its smooth lines, this case feels very nice in hand, and thanks to its lightness you won’t even notice that it’s there. Also, you can choose from three color combinations: black/grey, white/blue, and purple/blue.

Just like with Speck’s CandyShell Case, this case also brings the protective band on its front side which is also just a little bit extruded over the edges, in order to protect the screen. The back side is very simple, and you’ll be able to see a cutout for the camera. It’s also important to note that the Impact Trio comes with its own rubber buttons, which work quite good and there’s no adjustment period needed. There are also cutouts for all the ports and the mute switch as well.

In comparison to Speck’s CandyShell, this case brings a little toned down design and calmer colors. There are only three color combinations to choose from, but all three look great with white or black iPhones. Also, both of these cases are very quality made, and offer great protective role. It is also important to say that both products are very light and they don’t bring a lot of bulk either.

The main difference between Speck’s CandyShell and the Impact Trio is in their finishing layer, which is more important than you probably think. The latter one doesn’t bring as polished or as shiny plastic as the first one, which means that it won’t easily attract scratches and will retain its new look for a while. What I also liked about the Impact Trio is that it brings shock absorbent material named D30, which could be seen inside this case, and which is yet another additional plus.

Naztech’s Battery Case for iPhone 5/5S Review

There are a lot of situations where you can benefit from a battery case for your iPhone. These cases are made to protect your phone just like any other external protection, but also to provide access to additional power in case your iPhone runs out of juice. However, if you decide to purchase a battery case, I would recommend reading reviews like this one which are here to give you some insight into how well a certain case performs. I am saying this because most battery cases can’t fulfill promised capacities, so there are many dissatisfied users out there.

In this article we are going to take a look at 2,400mAh battery case made for iPhone 5/5S, designed and sold by Naztech. This is a company which specializes in battery cases, covers, and chargers for various smartphone types. The case we’re about to review is priced at $90.

Naztech's Battery Case 1

At a first sight it could be said that Naztech’s battery case is generically designed, meaning that it brings the same old design that we could see on any other iPhone battery case. It’s available in black and white editions, and brings a lot of rounded and finely polished edges so it feels nice in hand. In order to start using it, you only need to place your iPhone into a frame that snaps firmly around your phone. You won’t receive any frontal protection, so in case you’d like to protect the screen you’ll need to buy a screen protector.

As I’ve said earlier, when it comes to design of Naztech’s battery case, there isn’t anything new or innovative. In fact, there are a few issues. You’ll receive three interchangeable frames (clear, purple, and blue) which look very cheap and can hardly fit iPhone’s elegant design. Also, on the back of this case you can notice one large opening on the top (where the camera is located), which seems like a very strange design decision. Also, all the buttons are left fully exposed, but they are not deeply recessed so you shouldn’t have any problems using them.

Naztech's Battery Case 2

I also need to mention another interesting design feature, and that’s a plastic kickstand which is located on the back. This way you can use it as a stand, which is a nice addition.

When it comes to performance, according to Naztech you can expect 2,400mAh battery inside. This means that you’ll get about 110% of iPhone’s original battery, which seems very ambitious. In practice you’ll receive about 95%, which is still a very good result. You can currently find some other battery cases with better results, which are also priced around $90, which means that you can find a better deal if you do a little research.

In general, Naztech’s battery case is a standard product of this category which promises nice results. Still, for this money you can find some other cases which are more elegant and which don’t look so cheap, so I would recommend this product only if you find it on sale.

iPhone 5S Case Review

A few days back we’ve reviewed the iPhone 5C case, designed by Apple. Even though this is a quality made case, and it perfectly fits the iPhone 5C in many ways, it still has some downsides and questionable design decisions. In today’s article we are going to take a look at the iPhone 5S case, and I was very interested to see how this case performed and if it’ll solve some of the issues that I’ve had with the previously reviewed Apple-made iPhone case.

Even though there’s no drastic difference in price and features between the two new iPhones, it is clear that the iPhone 5C is created for younger generations, and anyone who like vibrant and flashy colors. On the other end, the iPhone 5S is created to showcase the premium smartphone which comes with very elegant and minimalistic design, and some high-end hardware features. According to this ideology, Apple designed cases for the iPhone 5S to perfectly complement the elegant and minimalistic state of the newest iPhone generation. These cases come in six colors, and they’re priced at $39 each.

iPhone 5S Case 1

The iPhone 5S cases are created to be seen as premium-grade products. This can be seen on its leather surface which completely covers the outside of this case. On the inside you’ll find microfiber which gently surrounds your phone, keeping it well protected. Of course, there’s the middle layer, which is the backbone that provides stability and proper protection. When it comes to leather, it has a very nice texture and feels great in hand. This material completely surrounds the outside of this case, and even the edges which are a bit extruded over the iPhone’s screen. As it turns out, these edges will easily attract dirt, so I would suggest having a soft cloth using which you can polish the leather from time to time. As you can imagine, this is not that noticeable on a dark-colored cases, but it’s clearly noticeable on beige, yellow, and blue editions.

When it comes to installation, you simply need to push your iPhone into this case. Perhaps you’ll need to use a bit extra force, since this case is made to tightly fit around the phone, which is not a bad thing. Most ports are left uncovered, while buttons received their own covers which work less than ideal. No matter is you use the volume buttons or the power button, it will take some time getting used to them. In the beginning you’ll need to firmly press those buttons to activate them, but after a while you’ll get used to this situation. Also, the cutout for the Lightning adapter is a little bit tight around the openings on the phone itself, so you might have some problems if you’re using a large size 3rd party cables.

iPhone 5S Case 2

Just like the iPhone 5C case, this product also comes with some very good and some problematic sides. It is quality made, and it’s very functional. It’s made to be a showcase of a premium-grade iPhone 5/5S case, and Apple succeeded in this. On the other hand, there are those small annoyances that I’ve explained in the previous paragraphs, so this case comes with its own set of compromises.

Twelve South: SurfacePad Review

SurfacePad 1Twelve South is a company known for a very interesting cases and stands for all iOS products and Apple computers as well. We had a chance of reviewing several of their products in the past, and in most cases we were very happy with them, so they ended up with great ratings. Today we are going to review yet another case designed and made by Twelve South, but unfortunately, this is not one of those products that impressed us.

Twelve South’s SurfacePad is a very elegant protective case, and could be purchased in two sizes: for iPhone 4/4S and the newest iPhone generation as well. There’s no difference between these two cases, except for their size since iPhone 5 is a bit taller than previous generations, and both of these cases are being sold at $35.

As you can see from the pictures, this is a folio-style case which means that it covers three sides of your iPhone – just like any other folio case. You can also use it as a stand, simply by flipping the front cover and using it to hold your iPhone at a certain angle and in landscape orientation, and this stand could be useful for watching movies, YouTube videos, and even web browsing.

SurfacePad 3

In order to set-up this folio case you’ll need to use adhesive tape which could be found on the inner part of its backside, so you’ll need to very carefully align your iPhone and stick to this adhesive tape firmly.

The SurfacePad is probably one of the best looking folio cases, and it also feels very nice in hand, but this came with a great cost. Since it’s made of very soft and thin leather, it doesn’t actually offer any practical protection, so in case you drop your iPhone, the SurfacePad won’t protect it. The only protection I see is over iPhone’s touchscreen, and that could prevent accidental scratches. In case you drop your phone, this case will be useless. You should also know that iPhone 5 comes with a great scratch-resistant technology on its own, so there’s no practical use for SurfacePad, and I guess that most people will use it as a fashion accessory since it is really beautifully designed.

SurfacePad scr2

Another big problem about the SurfacePad is its quality and durability. For a price of $35 for an iPhone case, you should really expect a case which will protect your iPhone and which won’t lose its original qualities. In my case, this product started peeling off after 10 days of use which made it completely obsolete, since you can’t even use it in case its adhesive tape isn’t working properly. Many other users also noted that there are other problems with this case, and that in several weeks of use it will start falling apart. Even though Twelve South didn’t publicly acknowledged this, a large number of users received new cases from this company, but quality remained the same. This is a very serious problem, and right now I would suggest spending your $35 elsewhere.

Kanam5 Review

Kanam5 1These days the market is flooded with all kinds of iPhone and iPad cases. They come in all kinds of shapes, materials and colors, and one can spend quite some time searching for the perfect case. The reason for this incredibly wide choice of cases is actually in our own, individual taste. Some of us like plastic shells, others need durable aluminum protective cases, while there are those who are only interested in eco-friendly materials or textile sleeves.

I’ve been using an iPhone ever since its original generation, and I was never fond of cases or skins. For all these years, I’ve only had four cases, that is safe to say, a perfect fit formy iPhone. Now, since the iPhone 5 brought a new shape and thinness, this also means that we need to find the perfect case once again, which lead me to review Kanam5.

Kanam5 is designed and manufactured in USA, and made by Castello Davarg.  This case comes in a different shape than most cases. It is actually a wraparound cover to protect the front and back part of iPhone, as well as its right side. This means that it basically looks like a book, but only opens from its right side. The reason for this is that it leaves mute and volume control buttons uncovered, so you can easily use them. Even though this might seem a bit strange while you’re reading about it, this works very well in practice and you’ll adjust to it in a day or two. It also leaves a camera cutout on its back.

Kanam5 2

Once you hold it in your hand, you’ll see that the Kanam5 is a quality made product. Its outside layer is made of natural leather and feels great in hand. This also means that this case is made to be used for a very long time, and since the leather ages gracefully, you should expect that this case will look even better in the future. Stitching is nicely done, and I really don’t see that you can do some damage to this case even if you don’t care how you carry it and use. On the inside you’ll find a very thin layer of coating, which I believe should be a bit gentler since its covers the screen.

Also, we haven’t mentioned how you actually place your iPhone 5 into Kanam5. This case uses adhesive layer on its inner back side, so all you need is to clean the back of your Phone and gently place it onto that adhesive layer. This will hold your phone in its place very firmly. In case you’d like to remove your phone from the case, you simply peel it off and clean it again.

The Kanam5 case comes in three variants: karmel, tobac, and ember. It is currently priced at $45.