Klick Desk Stand Review

In case you’re using a wireless keyboard with your iPad, than you need to have a nicely designed and reliable stand for your tablet. This will give you a bigger freedom and transform the tablet into a full-featured productivity device. Not every iPad stand will work for everyone, so my general recommendation to everyone is that they should spend some time researching about stands that may seem interesting, since this is the best way to get to know more about a particular product.

In this article we are going to review a stand named Klick Desk Stand, priced at $60. This product comes from The Joy Factory and it is a part of a much larger modular product lineup. What’s interesting about this product is that you’ll also receive a shell-style iPad case, which can be used with other products by The Joy Factory. Now let’s see what you can expect from this product.

Klick Desk Stand 2

On a first sight I really liked the overall aesthetics of this stand. It is clear that designers at The Joy Factory wanted to create an accessory which will bring out the original Apple design principles, and they mostly succeeded in this task. You’ll actually receive three parts, which need to be assembled. One of those is a full-featured shell-style case for your iPad (compatible with the 4th/3rd/2nd generation). There’s also the base which comes with a metal plate which keeps this whole construction firm and stable. There’s also the aluminum arm with movable and rotatable head.

In order to use this product, you’ll need to fit the arm into the base, and make sure that you’ve achieved strong and firm connection. Now place the provided case onto your tablet, and you’ll see a hole on its back used to connect with the rotatable head of the arm. Other products from The Joy Factory feature the same rotatable head, so this is why they are modular and can be successfully combined.

Klick Desk Stand 3

One of the issues that I’ve had with this product is the provided iPad case, which doesn’t really provide proper protection. In case you plan on using the Klick Desk Stand, than you’ll need to use the provided case. It’s looks nice, but seems somewhat cheap and I am afraid that it won’t protect your tablet in case you accidentally drop it. Other parts of this modular system are quality made and seem sturdy enough, so I was surprised with this particular aspect.

When it comes to functionality, the Klick Desk Stand gives you a complete freedom of choosing the right viewing angle. You can use your tablet in its landscape and portrait orientation, and you can tilt it any way you like. This whole construction seems very stable and quality made, so you don’t have to be afraid if your tablet will accidentally slip.

In general, I would recommend the Klick Desk Stand. There are some questionable design decisions, and I am not fond of the provided case, but in overall this a usable product.

Fixie Review

Every iPad owner knows how important it is to have a reliable tablet stand in case you really want to get the most out of your touchscreen device. By having a stand you can position your tablet in more than one viewing angle, so you can relax and watch movies, or transform your iPad into a traditional screen while you type on a wireless keyboard. There are many uses for tablet stands, so they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

In order for an iPad stand to become popular and profitable, it needs to bring something new to the market since there are hundreds of iPad stands currently on sale. On the other hand, only those simple and minimalistic stands achieve success, so designers got a very difficult job to do.

In today’s article we are going to review interestingly designed iPad stand, which comes from Incipio, a well-known company which brings all kinds of iOS-compatible accessories. This stand is called Fixie, and could be purchased for $40.

Fixie 1

At a first look, Fixie looks very interesting and original. I’ve had a chance of reviewing many tablet stands, so I’ve seen quite a few ideas. Still, Fixie managed to capture my attention and as soon as I saw it, I wanted to take it and try it out for myself. However, one thing is that once you remove it from its packaging, you’ll question yourself how this thing can be even used as a stand, and in which way it can be transformed into a usable product. Luckily, Incipio provides much needed user manual which shows you different ways of creating usable shapes which provide several viewing angles, but more on that a little bit later.

When it comes to design, I think we all will agree that this is nicely designed product. Fixie manages to capture everyone’s attention and somehow perfectly fits iPad’s aesthetics. It’s made of aircraft grade aluminum, which means that it will last for a very long time. It’s resistant to scratches and it won’t get broken easily. Also, it’s very lightweight so you can easily carry it around in your bag.

Fixie 3

Fixie is basically made of two pieces, which are connected together. The user manual will explain in which ways you can fold these two pieces, so you can get several stable viewing angles. In fact, you’ll get to use two angles which will position your tablet upright, and two lower angles perfect for typing or playing iOS games. It takes some time until you learn all of these positions, and my advice is not to trash the user manual immediately, since you’re going to need it in the first few days.

There are a lot of nice things that could be said for Incipio’s Fixie. This is a very interesting iPad stand, which certainly brings something new to the market. It is very affordable and quality made, so I am pretty sure that it will find users who are going to love it.


Nimblstand Review

In the world of iPhone/iPad stands, it seems almost impossible to think of a new product which hasn’t been seen before. When choosing a new stand for your iOS device, you’ll be in a position to choose from hundreds of models, which come in all shapes and sizes. This kind of tough competition is making designers and developers search for new ways to think about their products, so this can result in a final product that will stand out by offering innovative design and amazing functionality. This kind of philosophy stands behind the Nimblstand, which we are about to review.

The Nimblstand isn’t a typical iPad stand. It is made to be used with Apple’s aluminum Bluetooth keyboard, but it also tries to act as a support for your tablet in case you use a stylus to draw and take notes. Now let’s take a look at how this stand performs, and if you should pay $50 for this product.

Nimblstand 1

The first thing I’ve asked myself after I’ve taken out Nimblstand from its packaging is why designers decided to use sturdy, but cheap-looking plastics. It’s clear that this stand is created to be used with elegantly designed Apple’s aluminum keyboard, so these two materials don’t fit together. This is not something that everyone will mind, but this kind of design decisions play a crucial role. On the other hand, this kind of plastics seems sturdy and strong enough, so at least you don’t have to worry about the build quality.

In order to use it, simply slide the keyboard into a cylindrical slot which houses the keyboard’s battery compartment. Once you position it, the keyboard will stay in place, so there’s no movement allowed. Now you can place the iPad into the appropriate slot on the back, which is designed to offer two viewing angles. If you take a closer at the pictures, you’ll see that there’s a small cutout for easy access to the Home button, which is usable enough in one of those two viewing angles. If you place your iPad a little bit shallower, the Home button will be hard to reach which can be a problem since Apple keyboard doesn’t come with the Home-button dedicated key.

Nimblstand 3

The Nimblstand is also designed to serve as a stand for your tablet in case of stylus-supported drawing and note taking. Simply slide over the back part of Nimblstand, so that the keyboard will actually serve as a construction that’ll keep the tablet stable and in its place. There’s even a little hole used to hold your stylus when you’re not using it. It’s also important to say that the Nimblstand can be purchased bundled with the Wacom Bamboo stylus ($67).

In general, this is a very interesting and usable product, mostly for those who like using a wireless keyboard and a stylus at the same time. There are some annoyances in terms of questionable design decisions, and in all fairness there are much better designed stands which offer the same functionality, so my advice is to do some research before making a final decision about purchasing this product.

The UpStand Review

If you want to fully explore all of an iPad’s abilities, you’re surely going to need a stand. This way you will be able to turn your tablet into a notebook, so you can attach a wireless keyboard and write documents or browse the web. There are numerous iPad stands available, and they come in variety of shapes and sizes, and prices as well. In this article we’ll try to ease up your decision of choosing the right stand for your tablet by introducing you to the Just Mobile’s UpStand.

We already reviewed some of the products which came from Just Mobile, and they generally received mixed ratings. What’s in common for all these products is they are very quality made and interestingly designed as well, so we expected the same from the UpStand as well. As it turns out, our assumptions were true.

UpStand 2

Once you get your UpStand, it will come inside a thoughtfully designed packaging. What I always liked about Just Mobile is that they are aware that their products will be used by Apple fans, so it’s important not only to design a beautifully looking product, but also to pay some attention to its packaging. It is actually a very nice experience pulling out the UpStand from its box, which is designed to offer a full protection for its inside. Once you take it out you’ll see that you’ve received a full featured stand that’s already fully assembled.

UpStand 1

This is actually one very simple iPad stand, but it’s thoughtfully designed. You’ll place your tablet onto two metal feet, which come with non-slip lining made of rubber. These long feet are able to hold your iPad in its landscape and portrait orientation. If you look from its behind, you’ll see those two feet are connected with a unified base which is bolted into two poles, which are later fused into the stand’s sturdy base. Every single piece of this stand is quality made and seems very durable. It’s also important to note that the UpStand is made of high-grade aluminum which means that it is relatively light, but very durable and scratch-resistant. It is priced at $50, and you’ll certainly receive one of the most quality made iPad stands that I’ve seen in the long time.

As we said earlier, the UpStand seems perfect for an office use, because it turns your tablet into a touchscreen display. This way you can easily write documents or create drawings using a stylus. Some people will also like that the UpStand features brushed aluminum and industrial design, which perfectly fits Apple’s wireless keyboard design, so you’ll get a system which looks like a genuine desktop computer.

The only thing I didn’t like about the UpStand is inability to change the viewing angle. I am aware that it would be very difficult to incorporate flexible feet into this design, but I somehow missed that. On the other hand, the UpStand features very comfortable viewing angle which is perfectly usable in many situations.

HiRise Stand Review

If you own one of the newest generation iOS devices and if you’ve ever searched for the perfect dock which will house that device, then you’ve become aware of many issues and problems with those products. The main problem is that Apple has set certain rules that mandate some minimum physical dimensions of docks, so most of these are very limited in functionality. For example, most Lightning docks can’t support phones inside a case, no matter how thin those cases can be. This also made designers create two main dock types, and those are docks which feature fixed Lightning connector, and docks which feature removable USB-to-Lightning cable.

Based on my numerous reviews of the newest generation Lightning docks, I need to say that I still haven’t encountered a dock with fixed connectors which work well in practice. As it turns out, a dock that I am about to review will confirm my theory, since this is one of the most functional docks that I’ve seen in the last year.

HiRise Stand 2

If you follow MacReview articles, than you probably know about the company called Twelve South which creates very interesting iOS accessories. Today we are going to take a look at the HiRise Stand, which can be used not only with the iPhone 5, but also with the iPad mini, the iPod Touch (5th generation), and the iPod Nano (7th generation). It is priced at $35, and uses USB-to-Lightning cable so you can use the one which already came with your iOS device, or you can buy an additional one for $19.

This product will come in parts, so you’ll need to spend several minutes setting it up. The biggest single part is the angled base, which is clearly inspired by an iMac’s foot. There are also two supports, where one is used to adjust the height. You’ll also receive four screws and the hex tool as well. All parts are made of brushed metal, and they feel very sturdy and firm, and they are very quality made as well.

HiRise Stand 1

In order to actually use this stand, you’ll need to take the Lightning cable through the base and use one of three provided clips to secure it. One of those clips can be used with medium-thick cases, while the other clip can be used with some very thick ones. As you can assume, the third clip can be used to secure your iOS device if you’re not using a case. Also, most docks come with one common problem and that’s general instability of the Lightning plug, which can be moved or completely removed once you start pulling your phone away. This is not the case with the HiRise Stand, and I was very happy to see that.

Twelve South’s HiRise Stand is probably one of the best Lightning docks available. This is a very tricky territory, since most similar products are very limited and troublesome, but this one proved to be very reliable and quality made. Also, its price of $35 is very affordable for this product category, so I warmly recommend it.


The ChillTab 2 Review

Chilltab 2Finding the perfect iPad stand isn’t as easy as it might sounds. You need to find the one which will suit your needs the best, since some of them are made only for one specific role, so they can be perfect for office use or for watching movies, pairing with a keyboard, and similar. It’s also important to see how quality made it is, and if its design has some potential issues. These are all the reasons why it’s always a good idea to read reviews like this one, since these articles can pinpoint problems and other concerns. This is how you can be assured that you’re making a good investment.

As you can read from the title of this article, we are going to review ChillTab 2, made by ChillBad Industries. This is an elegant stand made for all iPad models, currently priced at $35.

As you can see from the pictures, this is one of the most elegant iPad stands on the market. It is 4.8 inched wide, and 6.5 inches tall. If you look at its frontal side you’ll see two padded arms, located two inches above the stand’s base, which is used to hold a tablet. They are made to work for any iPad model, so it can be used with all generations, but thinner models will fit better since they can be tilted a bit more which gives you more freedom. Also, you can use your tablet with any case, which is something that I really appreciate. According to one of the recent surveys, approximately 80% of iPad users own at least one tablet case, so this is something that every designer should consider.

What’s also important is to say that the ChillTab 2 holds you tablet firmly in place, so you don’t have to afraid that it will slip or fall down. It also seems quality made, so I assume you’ll be able to use it for a long time. Its powder-coated finish looks very nice and feels nice on touch as well.

ChillTab 2 1

The ChillTab 2 is a quality made and interestingly designed product, but comes with some serious flaws. As it turns out, this tablet provides only one viewing angle which seriously limits its usability. This viewing angle is approximately 60 degrees tilted, so you can best use it while watching movies, or if you use your tablet paired with a Bluetooth keyboard. For a price of $35 I would expect greater flexibility and a product which doesn’t come with a single role. Unfortunately, the ChillTab 2 doesn’t offer adjustable viewing angles, nor height adjustment. It’s interesting to say that I’ve noticed that there’s ChillTab 4 which provides different viewing angle, so I assume that designers wanted to make you purchase several of their products in order to get much needed flexibility, which isn’t something I appreciate.

The ChillTab 2 comes with many compromises which seem completely unneeded for a price of $35. It does look very elegant and beautiful, but you can probably spend your money in a better way.

The iOStand, by iOMount Review

The iOStand 4When it comes to iPad stands, I believe that I’ve pretty much reviewed almost any possible type. In order to give you a wider choice, and to make their products stand out, designers and manufacturers are always trying to bring something new and something that wasn’t seen before. As I’ve seen during my reviews, these risks don’t usually pay off since all pioneering is a new try of building a reliable and solid product, and it takes time to become one.

The last paragraph pretty much described how I felt when I first saw iOStand, made by iOMount. This is one of those strange, yet curiously interesting products that simply capture your attention. As it comes to a product like this one, I always assume that designers spent a lot of time making that product beautiful, which is simply not enough to overcome its limitations in functionality. As it turns out, I was wrong, at least with the iOStand.

IOStand 2

When you take it out of its box, you’ll see that iOStand is as simple as it gets. You’ll basically receive a pedestal for your iPad in a form of weighted foot and elegant arm which ends up with an interestingly looking ball. As you can see from the pictures, this ball comes with a magnet attached to it. Now you must be wondering how I attached my iPad to this stand, and the answer lies in the iOAdapts. These are small steel washers which you need to attach to your iPad, and once attached they won’t make your iPad thicker since they are very small and light. These washers now can be pulled by magnets of iOStand, and as it turns out – this connection is quite strong and seems very reliable.

IOStand 3

What’s important to say is that previously mentioned ball which sits on top of iOStand can roll around its central axis, which means that you can rotate your iPad any way you like. This gives you the biggest possible flexibility in terms of ease of use and possible viewing angles, and I simply loved this feature. This is the best selling point of this product, since you can use your iPad in every possible scenario – from web browsing, to reading a recipe while standing in the kitchen.

IOStand 1

There are also some downsides to this stand, which need to be said. First of all, it is a real shame that arm isn’t retractable, so your iPad will be always up in the air. This means that you can accidently hit it, which will most certainly make it fall, facing the screen down. The same could be said for that magnetic connection, which does seem very strong now, but I am not sure how it will act in a few months and if it’ll become loose. These are all things for concern, and something to think about before making a purchase.

The iOStand is priced at $100 and comes in two colors: black and white. You can also purchase the version with stainless steel finish, which is priced at $120.

Magnus Stand Review

Magnus 2If you’re one of those who agree on that iPad can replace a notebook in many ways, than you probably know how important it is to have a suitable stand for your tablet. In case you own an iPad-compatible keyboard, you can really do a lot of work on your tablet, everything from text editing, web browsing, up to image and video composing. Besides having a good and comfortable keyboard, an iPad stand is also essential since its transforms your iPad into a touch-screen monitor and it also keeps it firmly in place.

A good iPad stand should be made to last for a long time, it also needs to be nicely designed, and finally it needs to provide functionalities like multiple viewing angles, to name one example. It is not that easy to find the most useful iPad stand, and it takes time to inspect and do some research on this product category. That’s why it’s useful to read reviews like this one, since this can quickly help you find the right product.

Today we are going to review an iPad stand named Magnus, which is made by Ten One Design. This is a very minimalistic magnetic stand, which is priced at $50.

Magnus scr1

As you can see from the pictures, this is one of the most interestingly designed iPad stands. It perfectly complements an iPad in its lines and curves, color, and a material. This stand uses magnets inside your iPad to keep it firmly in its place, and it’s doing a good job at that. There’s also a rubberized feet on the bottom, so it’s gentle to your tablet and won’t scratch it even after long-term use.

According to One Ten Design, this product was made to be fully recyclable. Its body is made of recycled aluminum, nickel-plated neodymium, and recyclable plastics. Its box is also made to be fully recyclable, so I guess that every design aspect of this product is fully compatible with Apple’s own eco-friendly philosophy. Final polish is done by hand, and this is all clearly visible once you take it in your hand, since this really is a very quality made product.

When it comes to any product, its design is only a portion of a final grade. It is important how functional that particular product is, and if it solves some practical problems. Sadly, the Magnus stand is beautifully designed, but seriously lacks functionality. Its biggest downside is that it supports only one viewing angle, and can be only used while iPad is in landscape orientation. This is why the Magnus won’t fit to all of us, since we all need a bit different viewing angle in order to comfortably work while typing on a keyboard. Even if you don’t have a keyboard and only use touch interface, this stand will be inconvenient for any long-term use.

Incipio’s LGND iPad Case Review

LGND 2Even though iPads are probably one of the most quality made tablets on the market, they still need some protection which will keep them scratch-free for a long time. It is also important to take care of iPad’s touchscreen, since this is where it holds most of its functionality, so in case you’d like to use your iPad for a while, you simply need to invest in a quality protection case.

Today we are going to talk about the latest Incipio’s product. This company is specialized in all kinds of cases and bags for Apple-made computers and handheld devices, even though Incipio also makes some basic audio equipment and iOS-compatible chargers. The product we are going to review in this article is called the LGND, and this is origami-style iPad folio case.


The LGND is made to be compatible with the third- and fourth-generation iPad. As we said earlier, this is a folio-style case which means that it covers iPad’s back and front side, and the tablet’s left side as well. It leaves open all the ports, buttons, and speaker. The backside of this case is very light and thin, so you won’t have any problems accessing all these ports and buttons. It is also important to say that even though its backside is thin around port openings, it is overall very firm and sturdy and I believe it will take care of your iPad for a long time.

The front side of LGND case is made of the same material found on its back, but as you can from the pictures, it is origami-like shaped. This means that you can fold it into two different positions and make it serve you as an iPad stand, which is a nice addition to a traditional tablet case. Both of these positions are made to be used with landscape-oriented iPad, so your tablet could be tilted at 20- and 45-degree angles. When you fold this case into a stand, its magnets are used to firm up this whole construction so I have to say that it keeps iPad firmly in its place.


Even though the LGND will keep your iPad safe from any external damages, and it can also serve as a reliable stand, this case does have some disadvantages. Simply said, it wears easily, and in order to make a permanent scratch on its front side you simply need to make a cut with your nail at a very mild pressure. This means that the LGND will be covered in scratches from its first day of use, and it will quickly lose its “brand new” look. What’s important to say is that even though it wears out rather quickly, this does not affect its protective function.

The Incipio’s LGND is priced at $35, and could be purchased in two materials: vegan leather and suede. Also, it comes in several colors like black, navy blue, gray, pick, and red.

Cooler Master’s JAS Pro Stand Review

JAS Pro 1Once you hear about Cooler Master, you probably associate it with PC market and those large cooling devices which are used to keep PC’s temperature at control. Cooler Master now also offers some very interesting MacBook stands, which received big media attention and some very positive ratings. This is why we were interested in trying them out and seeing if one of these stands really deserves its hype.

We are going to review Cooler Master JAS Pro stand, which is currently priced at $70. This company also offers the L-Stand, which is a model priced at $65, but it’s differently designed so we are going to review it in a separate article, in the near future.

Once you see the JAS Pro for the first time, it somehow captures your attention. It is very simple in its shape and colors, but it is very elegant, feels really nice in hand, and it feels quality made. Once you take it you’ll realize that you’re holding a very serious laptop stand since it’s made of high quality aluminum and it weighs 22.4oz (636gr.).

JAS Pro 2
The JAS Pro is fully made of aluminum and its aesthetics perfectly fit any MacBook (Air or Pro). I really liked how designers took care of small details and how edges are very slightly rounded, which all gives a very positive first impression. As you can see from the pictures, there are rubber feet on the bottom which prevent movement, and there are also rubber lining which is there to keep your MacBook in its place. By closely inspecting these rubber linings, I realized that you can peel them off with ease, even though it requires some force for them to completely detach from the aluminum body. This could be a problem down the line, but I also assume that this won’t be a big deal since you can clean these adhesive tapes and return them to their original position. Again, this is not its downside, but only something to have on mind.

The JAS Pro offers many viewing angles which could be achieved by adjusting its height. It is also completely foldable and portable, which is a big plus. Simply fold those two sides into one, and pack it alongside your laptop, so you can use it practically anywhere. Also, it is quality made and scratch-free, so I guess that you’ll be using it for a very long time.

JAS Pro 3

The JAS Pro can be used with any MacBook model, even though MacBook Pros seem like the best fit. It is also interesting to note that you can use this product as an iPad stand, which is yet another pleasant surprise. In case you’re using an external iPad keyboard, simply place your iPad into the JAS Pro and you can adjust every possible viewing angle. To be completely honest, this stand works much better than most iPad stands, and it’s a huge plus that you can use it with a laptop and a tablet as well.

The bottom line is that the JAS Pro is one of the best choices for a MacBook stand, and even though it is a bit pricey, it’s well worth it.