Roadster Write Review

During the last couple of months we’ve seen some excellent folio-style keyboard cases for the newest iPad, which is something that previous iPad generation lacked. Some of these keyboard cases are high quality ones and they can transform your tablet into a notebook that can be used to edit documents, browse the web, manipulate 3D and CAD models and files, edit photos and videos, and much more.

In this article we’ll tell you more about Logiix’s Roadster Writer keyboard case, compatible with the iPad Air. This folio-style case can be purchased for $100 right from the Logiix’s online store.

Roadster Write 1

Just like many similar folio-style cases, Roadster Writer comes with a plastic shell case which holds your tablet. Even though I usually don’t expect much from these plastic internal cases, I was a bit disappointed with this one. You’ll need to push the tablet very hard into the case since it seems a little bit too large for it. The case also leaves all ports and buttons fully exposed so dirt can easily accumulate in these openings. The one good thing is that the case can be rotated, so you can use it in a portrait orientation while typing. This can be combined with numerous viewing angles, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this kind of functionality.

When it comes to design, Roadster Writer offers very traditional design and faux leather on the outside layer. Not every faux leather is the same, and there are clearly different levels of quality and aesthetics, so I need to say that this case in somewhere in the lower end. I expected more for this price.

The best thing about this case is the keyboard. It’s fully made of plastic and it’s also detachable. This means that you can get several viewing angles, which is always a good thing. Even though it offers somewhat smaller keys, it’s very enjoyable to work with and comfortable for everyday use. As you can expect, the iPad-specific keys are placed in the top row, but they are combined with the numbers. Along the edges you can find the standard set of main controls like a power switch and Bluetooth pairing button. This keyboard can be charged via micro-USB port.

The biggest selling point of Logiix’s Roadster Writer is detachable keyboard and use of tablet in its portrait orientation. These are two things that you can’t find in every iPad keyboard case model. On the other hand, there are several things to be concerned about. Roadster Writer doesn’t bring great build quality, so I am not sure if you’ll be able to count on using it for a long time. It’s also very surprising to see this kind of faux leather, which can be usually seen on lower-end products. For $100 you actually get a very large choice of available keyboard cases, so you’re entitled to expect great build quality and high functionality. Logiix’s newest keyboard case only partially manages to fulfill these tasks.

iGear’s iPad Flip Turn Case Review

Having a wireless keyboard to be used with an iPad seems essential these days. I can’t even imagine using my iPad on a daily basis without having a keyboard, and I feel that many people share my opinion. Luckily, if you’re interested in purchasing a new keyboard, there are a lot of great models to choose from. I would recommend browsing through numerous articles right here on MacReview, where you can find reviews of some of the bestselling keyboard cases on the market.

In this article you’ll get a chance to learn more about iGear’s iPad Flip Turn Case, made for the iPad mini. This is the keyboard case priced at $70 which does sound very appealing. Let’s see what this price brings with this product.

iPad Flip Turn Case 1

On a first look I was satisfied with the iPad Flip Turn Case, especially once I took it for a closer inspection. It’s made of hard plastic which will give proper protection to your iPad, and the keyboard seems quality made as well. What I was surprised with is the rubberized layer on the outside, which comes with matte finish. It really feels nice in hand and the tablet will stay in its place once you position it on a desk. Another thing I noticed is that this case, once closed, doubles the thickness of the iPad mini, which is something that I also liked. This way you’ll get a feeling that you’re working on a small laptop or netbook.

This keyboard case is made of two parts connected via one firm hinge. The plastic shell is where you’ll need to place your iPad mini into, which fits nicely and without any problems. It doesn’t come with a button coverage, but this is something that’s common with plastic shell-style cases. What I need to mention is that there’s one wide opening for all ports on the bottom side of the tablet, which is great for those who use 3rd party Lightning cables which come in different sizes. This shell can be connected to the keyboard via magnets, and it can be also positioned at almost any viewing angle which is a great thing.

iPad Flip Turn Case 2

Speaking of the keyboard, it comes with five rows of keys where the top row brings numbers combined with all kinds of iOS-function keys. Keys are nicely spaced, especially for a cramped iPad mini keyboard. It will take some time until you become comfortable with this keyboard and its layout, even though it’s pretty much intuitive. You’ll need to adjust to a position of some keys and their double role, but this is nothing to be worry about. Also, Bluetooth pairing is effortless and there’s even an on/off switch at the top of the keyboard.

For only $70, which is a very good price for an iPad mini keyboard case, you’ll get a nicely designed and quality made product. Also, I don’t have any larger complains about the keyboard, which isn’t the best one I’ve seen but it’s fully usable at all times.

ZAGGkeys Folio Review

If you’re interested in purchasing a new iPad-compatible keyboard, than you’ve got a huge choice in front of you. Most of today’s wireless keyboards and keyboard cases are fully functional products, so the only aspect in which these products compete are details and price. This is why it’s important to take a look at those small details in terms of design and functionality, since these things can mean a lot.

A few months back we brought you a review of the ZAGGkeys Cover. Even after several months of reviewing other similar products, I still believe that this keyboard is one of the best. It comes with very natural and logic layout, amazing battery life, great build quality, and there’s even backlit illumination. There’s nothing more you can ask from a keyboard. In today’s article we’ll take a look at another product by ZAGG, which is going to be a keyboard once again. This one is named ZAGGkeys Folio and it’s made for the newest generation iPad, the iPad Air.

ZAGGkeys Folio 2

The main difference between these two ZAGG’s products is that the Folio version, just like its name says, brings a bit more rounded protection for your tablet since this is a folio-style case. With ZAGGkeys Cover there was just a hinge into which you needed to place a tablet, which leaves it fully exposed. I not saying that one of these versions is better in terms of design or protection, since some people like to easily detach their iPad from a keyboard and use it on its own, while others feel like they always need a keyboard present so they choose folio-style cases. This depends on your personal taste and your needs as well.

The good news is that the ZAGGkeys Folio is pretty much the same as the Cover version in terms of the keyboard. You’ll still get an excellent layout which is very comfortable to use. There’s the top row of dedicated keys where you can quickly access functions like Lock, Siri, playback controls, and similar. There’s also battery indicator as well, which is something I don’t see often with iPad keyboards. And what’s also important to say is that this keyboard brings backlit illumination as well, with several colors and three levels of intensity.

ZAGGkeys Folio 3

Speaking of folio-case into which you need to place your iPad, it is very quality made and offers great protection. The tablet will be protected from all sides (expect its front), while ports and buttons are left exposed. These openings are very tight, but you shouldn’t have any problems reaching the buttons. The only concern that I have is the Lightning port opening. Just like with many other cases, the official Apple cable will work but I believe that many 3rd party Lightning cables won’t fit. So this is something to think about, especially if you rely on a 3rd party cable.

Two of ZAGG’s keyboards are one of the best products on the market, in this hardware category. Both are priced at $100, which is still a very good price for an iPad keyboard case.

Logitech FabricSkin Folio Review

Ever since the iPad Air was introduced to the market, which was almost two months ago, an array of new cases appeared. What’s different about these cases in comparison to previous years is that most of these cases now come with a wireless keyboard included. I believe this is a very good decision, since a keyboard can greatly increase productivity and general usability of an iPad, so by combining it with a case you get two essential products at a reasonable price.

We already reviewed a number of iPad-compatible keyboards made by Logitech, and most of these left a very positive impression. In today’s article we’ll be taking a look at the newest generation FabricSkin cases, which are now made for the newly introduced iPad Air. This case is priced at $150, and it’s already available for purchase.

Logitech FabricSkin Folio 3

The newest FabricSkin is still an exceptionally designed folio case, which even seems improved in some areas. There are three color combinations to choose from: Carbon Black, Red Orange, and Urban Grey. It’s interesting to note that the first two bring white interior, while the grey version brings bright yellow interior and keyboard as well.

First, a few words about the process of installation. Logitech uses its own technology called the SecureLock mechanism, which actually works very well. This system is made of two curved plastic pieces which are holding the right top and bottom corners of the tablet. This means that the left side of the iPad Air is completely free so it can be positioned at many different viewing angles, or you can completely flip it onto to the keyboard so you can use the tablet normally. After reviewing a number of iPad cases I believe this is the best locking system available.

Logitech FabricSkin Folio 2

When it comes to design and build quality, both are simply exceptional. Slightly curved edges complement iPad’s aesthetics, and colors are very bright and vibrant as well. This case adds .70 inches to your tablet which is good for this product type. It also adds .9lbs which is also a good number, since you’ll be getting a keyboard as well. It’s also important to say that the FabricSkin is water resistant on the inside, which means that you can wipe the keyboard with a wet cloth in case of accidental spill.

Now, a few words about the keyboard. In general, Logitech is known for a bit unusual layout when it comes to iPad-compatible keyboards. This one also brings enhanced layout, so it will take some time until you get accustomed to. On the right side Logitech has made five of the keys half-width, which still doesn’t seem like a bad decision. This way you’ll get a full featured keyboard, even though some accidental input will surely happen. On the left side, the Q and A keys are combined with tab and caps lock keys. None of those things are major drawbacks, and they only demand a couple of days to get used to this situation. After that, you’ll surely enjoy using this keyboard.

BookBook Travel Journal Review

In case you’ve ever searched for some kind of a carrying case or a bag for your iPad, you’ve probably seen one of those interesting cases made by TwelveSouth, named BookBook. This is a product series created for all kinds of Apple-designed devices (desktop and handheld as well) that resembles an old book which is actually a carrying case for a device and a number of accessories as well. There are several editions of BookBooks, which are all very popular.

As it was expected to happen, TwelveSouth recently introduced BookBook edition made for an iPad. This one is called BookBook Travel Journal and it’s priced at $100. Continue reading to see what the newest editions holds and if there’s some improvement over its predecessors.

BookBook Travel Journal 2

BookBook Travel Journal is made to hold any of Apple’s tablets as well as numerous accessories. It’s being advertised as a carrying case for all iPad-related things, from the tablet itself, up to headphones, styluses, stands, and anything else you can fit inside. This case is 11.3” tall, 8” wide, and 1.9” deep, which means that it’s large enough to hold everything mentioned in the last sentence, but on the other side – it’s not too large nor heavy, so you can easily carry it around with you.

Like other BookBooks, this product is designed to resemble an old hardbound book. The covers are made of quality leather which feels great in hand. Designers also took proper care of the spine which features very quality stitching and holds all the parts together. It’s clear that this is one of the most quality made iPad carrying cases, and I expect you’ll be using it for a long time. Also, if you take a look at the pictures, you’ll see that there’s imitation of pages between the covers. This part is designed to hold the covers together using two zippers, and it’s also made of leather.

BookBook Travel Journal 1

On the inside you’ll find plenty of differently sized pockets. On the left side there’s a large Velcro flap which hides the biggest pocket used to hold any iPad. This pocket offers plenty of space, so you can also use a Smart Cover or a thin case for your tablet. On top of this large pocket you’ll find three smaller pockets with elastic bands on top. These are used to hold cables, earbuds, chargers, and any of those small accessories. On the bottom you’ll find a third pocket which features a leather flap, so this is where you can place your iPhone or an iPod as well.

While the left side is designed to hold your tablet and numerous smaller accessories, the right side is made to hold one or two large devices or accessories. This is where you’ll find adjustable elastic bands. You’ll be able to store even those large headphones (which can be folded flat), or perhaps a couple of notebooks.

When it comes to carrying cases, BookBooks are in the category of their own. I think we can all agree these they are nicely designed and very quality made. BookBook Travel Journal is no exception, and it’s also highly functional as well.

Watson Wallet Folio Review

Watson Wallet Folio 3A few weeks back we brought you a review of one of the latest iPhone cases made by Incipio. This case was called Watson, and as it turns out this is the name of the newest product lineup. Incipio decided to bring the same name to all cases, so currently you can find Watson for the iPhone 5/5S, as well as for the iPhone 5C. In this article we are bringing you a review of the Watson case for iPad Air.

Besides sharing the same name, this product lineup carries several features which are in common for all of them. For example, you can always expect to see a combination of traditional folio case and removable plastic shell case, and you can also expect to see faux leather and elastic band which keeps things firm and in their place. Watson Wallet Folio (for iPad Air) is priced at $50, and you can choose from five colors: black, purple, pink, blue, and dark green. You should also know that not all of these colors are available at the moment, but you can preorder them.

Watson Wallet Folio is actually a system made of two pieces. You’ll receive a standard looking folio case, but you’ll notice that the back part comes with plastic brackets which are designed to hold the shell case. This case is also included and could be used on its own, but it’s made to be used as a part of this system. The good news is that the case is designed to firmly hold the tablet, which is a good thing. You’ll actually need to push it a bit stronger than usual until it nicely clicks into the case. Now you can place the tablet into the plastic brackets of the folio case. As I’ve said earlier, you can always remove the tablet (along with the shell case) if you need to use it outside the folio case, but I wouldn’t recommend this since the protection this case provides is not that reliable. Also, the screen and portions of the edges are left exposed, so it’s not advisable to use it as a standalone product.

Watson Wallet Folio 2

Speaking of Watson Wallet Folio, it’s very thin even though it brings layered design. I feel that I needed to be extra careful while using it, since the front cover isn’t as sturdy as it should be, nor is its back side. What I liked about this case is that it comes with three pockets, where you can place credit cards and some cash. There’s also an elastic band that keeps this case shut, so you don’t have to worry if those credit cards will fall out.

What’s also important to say is that Watson Wallet Folio can be used as a stand. Unfortunately, you’ll be able to use only one viewing angle, which seems suitable only for watching movies. I am not sure why designers decided not to implement another viewing angle, suitable for typing. This seems like a very strange and unfinished design decision, as well as this whole product. 

Magnefix Bookcase Review

When it comes to iPad cases, my personal opinion is that the best solution are those numerous folio-style cases. It seems that many people are sharing my opinion, since there are more and more different types of folio cases, so it’s clear that designers and manufacturers are investing their time and money into this product category. Of course, not every folio-style case is the same, since they come in different shapes, styles, and materials, and there are also several possible ways that they can hold your iPad.

In this article we’ll take a look at one of the recent additions to a world of folio-style iPad cases, which comes from a company called C6. This case is priced at $55, and is available for purchase from its official website.

Magnefix Bookcase 3

When a new Apple event is expected to happen, it’s normal for manufacturers to slow down production of accessories and to place new products on hold. This way if Apple decides to show somewhat different design, these manufacturers can adjust their products to meet those new standards. That’s why I was intrigued to see Magnefix Bookcase released at this point, just days before the new iPad Mini was released. It’s important to say that the newest case by C6 is still compatible with the new iPad Mini, but you won’t find opening on the back which should provide access to the rear microphone. This is not a major downside, but this is certainly something that will negatively impact on sales of this product.

Now let’s see what kind of design the Magnefix Bookcase features and if there’s anything that will set this product apart from numerous similar folio-style cases. On a first look it’s clear that designers of this case were inspired by Apple’s Smart Cover because you’ll find similar three-column flexible shell, on the front side. This shell is able of locking and unlocking your iPad Mini magnetically, and if you fold it over it will become a stand. By folding the front piece, you’ll get an interestingly looking stand, but which is not the traditional triangular shape that you can see with the Smart Cover. I liked how flexible yet firm this stand is, and I believe that most users will agree with me.

Magnefix Bookcase 1

The back plate is made of plastics and comes lined with rubber. This construction has several upsides and downsides, so it will be up to you to choose which side you like better. One of the upsides is that rubber will provide better protection, especially if you drop your tablet. On the other hand, this means that Magnefix Bookcase comes with added thickness, which is very noticeable along the buttons. As it turns out, the buttons are deeply recessed, so some people will have a hard time reaching them. I was surprised to see that designers of this case didn’t include plastic or rubber covers which are able of solving this problem.

Even though I generally liked this case and I believe that it is quality made, there are too many issues which are preventing me from recommending it. First, it’s not fully compatible with the newest iPad Mini generation. Also there are problems with deeply recessed buttons, and the price of $55 is also not a plus. If you look around you’ll see that similar iPad cases are priced at around $40, and many of them are a better solution.

LifeProof Nuud for iPad Mini Review

A few months ago we brought you a review of LifeProof Fre for iPad Mini, which is one of the most secure all-around cases for your iOS tablet. In case you’ve ever searched for an outdoor-ready case, you must have seen a series of LifeProof cases which are available for various iOS devices and which all look very rugged and rough. We were very happy with the product we initially reviewed back in July, and gave it a perfect score of 5/5. Today we are going to take a look at its successor, named LifeProof Nuud.

In case you know about LifeProof cases, than you probably know that series named Fre always comes with the screen protection, and a few months later another similar case is being unveiled, which is always named Nuud and comes without the screen protection. This is the case with this Nuud as well, which is also made for the iPad Mini. You can purchase it for $120, which is $20 more than previously mentioned Fre.

LifeProof Nuud 3

On a first look it seems that Fre and Nuud are the same case, but if you pay attention to details you’ll see some important differences. The new Nuud case is easy to install as ever, and you’ll receive the front frame and the back shell which snap together with your iPad Mini placed in the middle. The back plate is rubberized, which means that your tablet will be well protected in case of accidental drop. What’s important to notice is that Fre doesn’t bring a lot of bulk for an outdoors-ready rugged case, and feels surprisingly light as well. It will take just a moment to assemble the case, which is designed to offer protection from all kinds of external elements like water, dirt, shocks, and almost anything you can imagine.

LifeProof Nuud 2

In order to keep your tablet waterproof, Fre features protection for all ports and buttons. Even the microphone and the speaker are protected thanks to a special mesh which are covering these openings. The back-positioned iSight camera is protected using a glass cover, while the Lighting port uses a flip-open rubber tip which can be also used as a locking mechanism. LifeProof is known for creating cases which offer very reliable protection, and with the newest Nuud for iPad Mini this hasn’t changed a bit.

Once of the things which are unique to Nuud is that the screen is left exposed. This case is made for those who are not willing to adjust to those hard screen protectors which are usually interfering with the touch controls. This way you’ll get fully exposed touchscreen, ready to be used as always. What’s important to say here is that even while the screen is exposed, there’s an airtight seal that goes all the way around which means that the tablet is protected at all times. I guess that some people will like this setup, but those who would like to keep their tablets completely inside the case should look at Fre.


Justin Case Review

With each new day it seems that designers are trying to come up with more and more unusual ideas which are turned into unique products. The market for iPad-compatible accessories is incredibly large, so many manufacturers are trying to get into this race and achieve some profit. As always, competition is producing incredible range of accessories so today you can find numerous types and hybrids of iPad cases. There are those standard and traditional cases which come in different sizes, materials, and shapes. There are also folio cases which can also serve as a stand, and even those which include a wireless keyboard.

In today’s article we are going to show you a new type of iPad case, the one which includes additional battery able to double the battery life of your tablet. This product is called Justin Case, and it’s made by Innovative Technology. These are several editions of this case, and we are going to review its Ultra-Slim edition.

Justin Case 3

As we said in the previous paragraph, Justin Case comes with additional rechargeable battery which is completely hidden inside this case. This is actually a folio style case, which means that it completely surrounds your tablet and comes with a cover. In other words, once you place your tablet into it, it should resemble a notebook with a hard cover. This product can be used with iPad 2, 3, and 4, and it’s currently priced at $70.

First, a few words about design. As you can see from the pictures, Justin Case is made of leather, synthetic in this case. It doesn’t feel premium, but it doesn’t feel cheap either. On a scale of quality this product could be medium high, meaning that it looks really nice once you purchase it, but it will show signs of age and wear pretty soon. Of course, this depends on how much you take care of it and how you handle this case.

Justin Case 2

When it comes to protection, this case is doing a good job. It covers your tablet from all sides, and keeps all ports protected too. It comes with a handle on its back, so it could be used as a firm stand as well. When not in use, there’s a loop and flap on the front which keep all parts of this case tightly connected.

This case also provides you with 11,600 mAh battery. This is high capacitive battery, able to fully recharge the newest generation iPad, meaning it could double its usage time. This battery is actually independent, and it’s hidden inside the cover. There’s the USB port used to connect with your iPad (and you can recharge your iPhone as well) and you’ll receive AC adapter as well. On the inside of the cover you can find four LED lights, which signalize how much juice there’s left.

Even though it offers great protection and high capacitive battery, there are some tradeoffs which are made in order for this combination to work. Justin Case adds a lot of bulk and additional weight to your tablet, so you’ll feel like you’re carrying a small notebook at all times. Also, it needs 14 hours to be fully charged, which is really a lot of time. For example, the newest iPad comes with the same battery capacity, and needs 5 to 6 hours to be fully charged. On the other hand, this case is priced at $70, so some compromises needed to be made in order to make this product affordable.

The IntelliCase Review

During the last couple of months I’ve had a chance of reviewing several products which were designed and are being sold by Griffin. This is a well-known manufacturer of third party accessories made for iOS devices, and some other handheld devices and notebooks as well. The products I’ve reviewed are a dock made to hold your iPad and iPhone at the same time (PowerDock Dual), and a very interesting accessory which lets you free you musical creativity (StudioConnect for iPad).

In today’s article I got a chance to review yet another product made by Griffin, and it’s named the IntelliCase. This is a case made for the iPad mini, and it’s priced at $30.

On a first look I think we all can agree that the IntelliCase is a nicely designed iPad mini case. It protects your tablet from all sides, and it is consisted of a flexible cover and a rigid shell which protects the back of your tablet. This shell is made of hard polycarbonate and provides excellent protection and also seems very resistant to scratches. It leaves open all iPad’s ports and buttons, giving you quick and easy access. If you take a look at the pictures you can notice a very large lip located on the back of this shell, and it’s used to convert this case into a stand, but more about that later. The other part of the IntelliCase is its front cover, which works the same way as the Apple’s SmartCover, meaning that it comes with magnets which put to sleep your iPad mini while not in use, and which can wake up the tablet once you open the cover. It’s flexible and comes with textured surface for easy grip. It actually feels very nice under the fingers.

IntelliCase 1

What’s important to say is that the IntelliCase is quality made and gives all-around protection to your tablet. In case you drop it by accident, I expect that this case will provide full protection from any damages. On the other hand, I need to express my concern about the magnets located inside the cover, which are strong enough to keep the cover in place, but not strong enough to keep it together during an impact. This means that if you drop it at some unusual angle, this cover might open and leave the screen of your tablet fully exposed.

As I said earlier, the one prominent feature of the IntelliCase is the lip found on the back. It is used to hold the cover after you fold it, creating a very sturdy and reliable stand. This is a very nice addition, and I guess that many are going to love it. On the other hand, as much I loved it I had the problem with the lip because its sticks out too much. It also can create a problem while you’re holding the iPad mini with both hands while reading a magazine, for example. I am not sure why designers at Griffin didn’t incorporate some kind of movable or retractable lip, which could fit back into the body while not in use.