Logitech FabricSkin Review

FabricSkin 1If you’re interested in buying a keyboard for your iPad, you will be surprised with how many models are out there. It seems that these days the market is crowded with iPad accessories, that comes in all shapes, forms, and sizes. Having a keyboard seems like a very good idea in case you’re interested in typing documents or doing a lot of web browsing on a daily basis. Even though iPad is enjoyable to use on its own, having a good keyboard is simply essential in case you’d like to use your tablet in the long term.

In this article we are bringing you a review of the latest Logitech’s attempt to design an iPad keyboard. We reviewed several Logitech’s products, made for iOS devices, and in general we were happy with them. The keyboard we’re reviewing today is called FabricSkin, and could be purchased for $150.

It is very clear that the FabricSkin is made to resemble Microsoft’s Surface keyboard.  This way, Logitech decided to implement some of Microsoft’s aesthetics and make something that will appeal to iPad users.

After reviewing several of their products, it has become clear that Logitech is working hard to build a certain image. This image reflects quality made products, and very tactile and nicely looking materials. The FabricSkin is clearly made in this manner, since this is a very well manufactured product. Its outer shell is very hard yet flexible, so I assume that you’d get to use this case without any problems for a very long time. It comes in several colors, and these variants actually come in several different material combinations. Most of them come with hard polycarbonate outer shells, while the other side can be made of very soft leather or even cotton. You can find blue, orange, black, grey, yellow, and red variant (some editions are only available in certain regions).

FabricSkin 2

Even though this is a quality made product, there are some things I didn’t like. It is clear that FabricSkin is heavier than most iPad cases, and it is actually heavier than iPad itself. This will be a problem for some potential users, so it is important to notice this issue.

Speaking of functionality, FabricSkin uses Bluetooth to achieve connection between a keyboard and an iPad. Every single key is slightly raised, and hides mechanical switches underneath. This means that you can hear that soft clicking while you type, and that is a nice thing. Also, it is covered with water-resistant coating, easily washable with a soft cloth. A nice addition is a set of magnets that detects when iPad is not in use, which automatically turns off the keyboard, this helps to save some power. According to Logitech, battery life is 2-3 months long, if you use this keyboard for two hours per day.

The only issue with this keyboard is a bit odd key layout, because it requires some time to get used to. Also, this case provides only one viewing angle, which is a shame since we all use iPads a bit differently.

VersaCover Mini Origami Review

VersaCover Mini Origami 1In general, folio-style cases are the perfect hard shells for any iPad Mini, and they are very convenient to carry and use. The problem with those is that most folio-style cases are very bulky, so when you place your iPad into it, it will become even bulkier. I guess that everything comes with a price, so in case you need a very strong protection for your iPad, you’ll simply have to deal with added weight and bulk.

In case you’ve got an iPad Mini, and you like folio-style cases, a company called Moshi made a product which you might be interested in. It is in fact a folio case, but it is very slim and can generate enough protection without adding any bulk. It is called VersaCover Mini Origami, and continue reading to see what this product can offer you.

Many will like VersaCover Mini Origami because of its lightweight construction. Just like any other folio case, this one has a back and a front side, so you can comfortably slide your iPad Mini into it. This case is made of a translucent plastics, molded into a single flexible piece. With this said, you can assume that this plastic won’t suffer hard hits, but it will keep your iPad Mini free from scratches and other light accidental damages.

VersaCover Mini Origami 2

VersaCover Mini Origami leaves all ports open, as well a small hole for the back camera, and a microphone too. Back shell is a single piece of plastics, while the front cover is made of a very thin plastics covered by a layer of soft suede. It feels really nice in hand, and takes of iPad’s screen properly. You can choose from several color schemes: (Aloe) green, (Denim) blue, (Sakura) pink, and (Velvet) grey. A nice and gentle pastel tones will suit most people.

Now, what’s really interesting about this iPad Mini case is that it can be folded into several origami-style shapes, so you can use it as an iPad Mini stand. The front side is dented by five lines, which are used to make a certain shapes. You can actually make four different shapes, which means you can use your iPad Mini at three viewing angles in landscape, and one position in portrait orientation. This case is really versatile, and offers you enough space to play around with your iPad Mini at different viewing angles. Also, even though the cover is made of thin plastics, once you fold it into a shape you’ll get a very strong and sturdy construction.

If you ever used any of Moshi’s product, that you know that you can expect a good quality. The VersaCover Mini Origami is no different, and comes with some nice details which show that designers took their time with this product. With all this said, $50 seems like the reasonable price for this product.

Inspiria Metallic Case Review

Inspiria Case 1When you go on a search for a new cover for your iPad or iPhone, you’ll face dozens of different types of cases. There are all kinds of sleeves, thin plastic shells, folio-style cases, shells which come with rechargeable batteries, metallic/aluminum protective cases, and much more. As you can see, there’s a case for any possible situation, and also the price range is quite large, so you can surely find the right fit for yourself. A review like ours can be very helpful, since this can be the most convenient way to find some new and interesting product, and to see all of its good and bad sides, which you can’t see otherwise.

In this article we are bringing you a review of a very interestingly looking folio-case, made only for the iPad Mini. This is a special type of a folio case which is made to resemble a hardcover book, so I assume that most students are going to love its aesthetics. This cover is called Inspiria Metallic iPad Mini, made by Xhbit, and sold for $80. This is surely one of the expensive iPad Mini Cases, and it’s got interesting looks, so I was very interested to see what this case offers.

First of all, let’s see how quality made it is and a few words on its design. It is clear that Inspiria case is made to resemble a hardcover book. It comes in several vibrant color combinations, and if you decide to order it online, you can actually make you own color combination. This combination refers to a color of the outer shell, its internal sides, as well as that rubbery band which could be seen on the pictures and which wraps this case. It is quality made, and inside you can find a bamboo frame where you can place your iPad Mini into. It fits really well, and it will keep your tablet in its place regardless of shocks or any other sudden movements. As we said earlier, when you place your iPad into bamboo brackets, and close the covers, you can wrap around a small rubber band, so everything will be nicely framed and in its place.

Once you decide to inspect details of the Inspiria Metallic Case, you will see that there are some problems with it. For example, the most obvious one is that it doesn’t support magnetic sleep/wake feature, which is something you can find in almost every folio-style case. This means that you’ll need to press Home or Power button each time you’d like to wake your iPad. Now, there’s another problem and that’s a design of a cutout made for power button, which is a bit misplaced. It means that this cutout doesn’t perfectly fit the power button, so you’ll need to press extra strong in order to activate it. This is not a serious problem, but it is a very present inconvenience. There’s also no cutout for the back camera, which I also didn’t like.

X-Doria’s Dash Folio Felt Review

Dash Folio Felt 2In case you’re interested in using an external protection to keep your iPad free of scratches or damages, you can surely find the right case, a shell, or a skin. There are many different type of external iPad protection, which is a good thing since some of like using those tight skins which tend not to change iPad’s original aesthetics, while on the other hand there are those who like folio-type of cases. These cases completely cover your iPad, so it somewhat looks like a notebook. This means there is going to be the front and end cover, as well as some type of a system which will hold an iPad firmly within these covers. Folio cases are usually bulky and some of them also add a significant weight to iPad. They also bring complete protection and they usually act as a stand as well.

In this article we are going to review one of X-Doria’s products, which is a company which makes all kinds of holders and protection for iOS devices. This case is called Dash Folio Felt, and is priced at $50. According to X-Doria’s statements, it is made for iPad 2, 3 and the newest generation.

At a first sight, it is clear that Dash Folio Felt is a quality made product. On the outside you’ll find felt exterior, which feels nice in hand. It only comes in one color – dark grey. This type of external felt will surely attract dust out of any surface you place it on, which I didn’t like. It also means that it will become somewhat dirty after a while, even though its dark color will keep it invisible. For someone who’s very sensitive to dust, this type of external lining wouldn’t be a good fit. In case you really like X-Doria’s products, you can find another folio case, which comes with leather cover. It is also priced at $50.

Dash Folio Felt 1

Internally, you can find a lot of faux leather. Stitching is very good, so I guess you shouldn’t have any problems with Dash Folio in a long-term. As you can probably imagine, you can also use this cover as a stand, and it is able to keep your iPad inclined at five different viewing angles. Four of those could be achieved by using the ridges found in the front cover, while the last one is achieved by folding over the front cover around the iPad’s back. Also, this case leaves all ports open, as well as both cameras.

Now, many users noticed that this case works very well with the iPad 2, but you will need an extra push in order to make other iPads fit it (3rd and 4th generation). I hope this won’t negatively impact on the stitching, since these two iPad can stretch it a bit. It seems that X-Doria tried to make a folio case which will suit as many iPad generations as possible, even though it should have made a small adjustments to each iPad generation.

Thunderstorm by Belkin Review

An iPad is the bestselling tablet mostly because it offers such a great performance and usability in all kinds of situations and scenarios, while retaining amazing design. You probably know all about that “serious side” of an iPad and how it can be used in your everyday business, from exchanging e-mails, having Skype meetings, quickly editing iWork and Microsoft Office documents, and so on. But iPad has its fun side also, since it’s perfect for watching movies and TV shows, listening to music, and playing games as well.

I believe that most hardcore gamers, who use iPad, also own an amazingly good pair of headphones, which are an essential piece of equipment in order to really get into a game. iPad comes with a good speaker, one of the better ones found in tablet devices, but it can’t really bring you that amazing sound you’d like to hear while watching movies. Well, in case you’re interested in such product, keep reading this article.

Thunderstorm 1

Belkin recently introduced home theater system, made for your iPad. No, it’s not a range of huge speakers with AirPlay connection, but instead this is an iPad case which comes with its own built-in speaker. This product is called Thunderstorm, and could be yours for $200.

The Thunderstorm is a case for your iPad, which comes with its own cover, so you actually place an iPad into it. It adds on size and weight of an iPad, since its size is approximately 10×9 inches and it weighs about 1.4 pounds empty. As you can see, this is a serious addition to your iPad, and not one of those small wireless speakers which are usually failing to bring any improvements over iPad’s own sound.

In order to use it, you simply need to place an iPad into Thunderstorm’s plastic brackets and that is all you need to do. Once you start playing a movie, you’ll be blown away with its sound. We have tested numerous wireless speakers, but this speaker simply beats them all. It doesn’t only bring much louder sound, but it also brings incredible bass that you’ll feel pulsating all around you. It definitely beats any other (wireless) speaker of this price range.

The Thunderstorm’s case can be flipped back and used as a stand, which is a nice addition. It also comes with its own free iOS application, developed by Belkin. It is fairly simple and allows you to select one of several preloaded modes like movie, music, or game, but it doesn’t actually bring some much noticeable difference. After all, this app isn’t essential since Thunderstorm has a perfectly powerful sound on its own.

When you purchase the Thunderstorm, you’ll receive this whole audio system packed in one case, as well as an AC adapter used to charge it. It can last for 10 hours on a single charge, which means that it can last as long as your iPad with Retina display, for example.

The Enduro Mini Battery Case Review

Enduro Mini 3iPad Mini is the latest addition to iOS product lineup, which received many positive critiques and which was very well received by Apple fans and customers. Even though this product was expected to be introduced even before Apple made official statements, most designers and manufacturers waited until they got iPad Minis into their own hands in order to design and create accessories like cases, skins, keyboards, and such.

Euphoria surrounding iPad Mini is still strong, and new accessories are appearing on a daily basis, while manufacturers and designers are trying to come up with something new and innovative, which will bring them much needed profit. That’s why it’s very interesting to keep track of this trend, and that’s why we are always happy to try out and review a new iPad Mini accessory.

In today’s article we will be showing you a battery case for iPad Mini, which is called Enduro Mini, and which is produced by Padacs. It costs $60.

Enduro Mini scr1

In case you’re not familiar with a term “battery case”, it means that this case comes with built-in battery which is used to recharge your iPad Mini and prolong its battery life. There are numerous examples of a very successful battery cases for iPhones, which are able to at least double the original battery life and which are very popular. The Enduro Mini comes with 800 milliamp battery, which in practice means that you can fully recharge the tablet.

Enduro Mini scr2

The Enduro Mini comes in three color variants: black, pink, and blue. As you can see from the pictures, this is folio-style case, made of stitched leather. Folio-style means that you will need to “lock” your tablet into provided plastic brackets, so you can open it like a book which will always wake your tablet thanks to magnetic support. Speaking of that mechanism, Enduro Mini comes with the magnet which sometimes doesn’t function as needed, so I always had to check whether my iPad Mini was still awake even after I close this case. Another trouble is that sleep/wake button is a bit covered by a plastic bracket, so when I needed to put the tablet to sleep (when Enduro Mini failed to do so), I needed to curl my finger to press a button.

In order to recharge Enduro’s built-in battery, you will need to use USB cable to connect it to your computer or a wall socket. When you decide to recharge iPad Mini’s battery, you also need to use a cable to connect Enduro Mini to iPad Mini. Actually you need to use your own Lightning cable along with Micro-USB adapter to achieve this connection. In other words, this is a simple external battery simply stitched into leather case. I find this whole process a bit complicated and unnecessary, and it is also a problem that you will always need to carry 3 pieces of additional equipment to use the built-in battery. And by having a battery inside a case, it will make it bulky and heavy. A better solution would be simply to buy an external battery and use it only when needed.

Durables iPad Sleeve Review

Durables sleeve 1I am one of those people who don’t like iPhone/iPad cases, which are usually covering the original and beautiful aesthetics of these products. Cases also tend to make a device a little bit bulgier, except for those ultra-thin ones, but which comes with a price. Instead, I always use sleeves, both for my iPad and iPhone as well. These can protect my mobile devices while I am not using them, or during a transport, and when I need to use them I simply take them out and put back in, later on.

I guess people like using either sleeves or cases, and of course both of these offers some upsides and downsides as well. It is also a matter or aesthetics, which is individual for each of us. Well, for those who like using sleeves to protect their iPads, we are bringing today a review of Durables sleeve which is made by Dodocase.

Durables sleeve can be used with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation iPad. It costs $65, which is a lot more that an average price for any iPad sleeve, so I was very curious to see what this product can do for me and what the reasons for that price are.

Durables sleeve 3

It is clear that Durables offers very interesting and probably unique materials and textures, which is something that many iPad users would appreciate. On the outside, it is made of waxed canvas, and it really feels nice under the fingers, which offers unusual tactile feel. Of course, since it’s waxed, it is also water resistant so you won’t have to worry if your iPad will get wet during a rain, for example. It also means that it leaves and oily trace on your fingers, which I believe is noticeable only in the first couple of weeks. As you continue to use this sleeve, this material and its texture will lose that coating. Also, this material is susceptible to leaving white-ish traces if you scratch is with your nails, or with a key for example. Some people will like this since this creates that interesting retro-feeling, while others might not appreciate this.

As we said earlier, outside skin is made of waxed canvas and for that matter, Dodocase added an interesting and much helpful leather hand grip. Durables sleeve comes in three color combinations, and each combination bring different colors of the outside skin, bright colors of its inside, and differently colored leather grip.

Durables sleeve 2

It also important to notice that this product is hand-made, and it is very quality made. Stitching is very firm, and I believe you can be using this sleeve for a very long time. Since hand-made products are usually a bit pricier, I believe this is one of the reasons why Durables is priced at $65.

Speaking of this actual functionality, iPad slips nicely into this sleeve, even if you put on Apple’s Smart Cover. On the other hand, it is tight enough to hold your tablet firmly. The only thing I didn’t like it that there’s no button or a snap which will “close” the opened side once you put an iPad into it, so it doesn’t fall out if you grab a sleeve but its bottom side.

Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio for iPad Review

Everyone who uses iPad on a daily basis knows that it can’t completely replace a notebook computer, but it can do a pretty good job in a various number of situations. This is why there is such a wide range of Bluetooth keyboards for iPad, which are proven to be very successful and profitable for many companies.

In this article we’ll review one of the latest iPad-specific keyboards from Logitech. This company is offering Bluetooth keyboards ever since the original iPad was introduced, so it had the time to finely craft a keyboard which will bring something innovative to the market. After all, this is the only way to succeed on a market which already has to offer some notebook-quality keyboards which are specifically made for iPad.

Logitech’s newest product in this collection is called Solar Keyboard Folio. It comes with solar cells which are “able to type for two hours a day, for two years on a full charge”, as Logitech claims.

This keyboard folio comes attached to a case which protects you iPad from back and front side. It is made to wake iPad once you open the case, but this is proven to be somewhat troubled since Folio case can be flimsy in some situations. For example, it can accidentally open just a bit while carrying it in a bag, which will wake your iPad and it will unnecessarily drain its battery. One the other hand, Folio case is nicely made and it’s clear that is a very quality made product once you put your fingers on its leather coated body. In overall, this is a quality case which simply needs to be firmly placed in your bag in order to prevent it from opening. It is also important to note that the solar cells are clearly placed on its top side, which recharges the battery.

In order to use this keyboard, you will need to open Folio case, where you’ll see a keyboard on one side and a plastic bracket for your iPad on the other side. Simply place iPad into brackets, lift it up, and place it into a bracket of a keyboard. This will make your iPad stand very firmly, so you can use freely use your keyboard. Logitech also made an innovation which acts once you lift your iPad and move it closer to a first row of keys on your keyboard. Simply place iPad into new brackets where only this one row will be visible. These keys will be transformed into “media keys”, so you can watch videos or pictures and use these keys to play/pause, rewind and play next track.

Logitech has put a lot of effort into this product which is clear once you start typing. Even though it is somewhat smaller than an Apple keyboard, it is very comfortable and you will adjust to it very quickly.

Battery life is very long, and you won’t have to worry whether it will stop working at some point. It also recharges each time you close keyboard Folio case.