Power Tube 4000 Review

Power Tube 2The newest lineup of iOS products comes with high capacitive batteries, which is due to new hardware characteristics like bigger Retina display, which demands more power. I charge my iPhone on a daily basis, even though I tend not to overuse it throughout the day. Still, I like full brightness and lots of background services which all resulted in somewhat decreased battery life. Also, battery tends to age pretty quickly, so after a year you will notice that your phone demands frequent charges. I guess this is a situation in which most of us are, since we didn’t buy iPhones not to fully enjoy GPS and Maps, to play graphically demanding games, or stream music. I also use iPad (3rd generation), and just like with any aging device, battery life becomes shorter over time.

Luckily, there are several ways to prolong your iPhone’s battery life. As you can imagine, the simplest one is to have several USB cables so you can recharge your device at any time and at any place. However, there are some better solutions, and those are battery cases and external batteries. Battery cases are a good choice, and they can more than double the power you get, but most of them are bulky and heavy. External batteries were always my primary source of additional power, since it’s very easy to recharge them, and to carry them around. Once I find my iPhone is running out of power, I simple recharge it on the spot.

Power Tube 3

Mipow is not such familiar name, but some of you probably heard for Power Tube, which is a brand name of external batteries made for iOS devices. You can buy them in different capacities and colors as well, and in this article we’ll be telling you about Power Tube 4000.

As you can see from the pictures, Power Tube 4000 features standard cubic design. It comes in two pieces actually, where you take off one piece as a cap. Once you remove it, you’ll see that the bigger part features USB which needs to be plugged into your computer in order to charge it. Smaller part features two ports, and in order to charge your iPhone you’ll need to plug in it. You’ll also receive Micro USB cable, used to charge some other devices. You can even charge two iPhones simultaneously, which is a handy feature.

Power Tube 1

When you take off a top part, you’ll see a four-color LED light which is used to indicate how much additional power you’ve got. It will shine red if you’ve got less than 15%, orange – 15 to 40%, green – 40 to 70%, and blue means you’ve got more than 70%. In case blue light stops blinking, this means that your Power Tube is 100% full.

Power Tube 4000 comes with a battery of 4000mhA, and you can also purchase other models which feature smaller capacities. In order to get some comparison, you should know that iPhone 4S comes with a battery of 1420mhA.

Finally, it should be said that reviewed model features 30-pin connector, which means you won’t be able to use with iPhone 5 or the newest generation of iPad.

Belkin’s Charge + Sync Dock for iPhone 5 Review

Every long-term Mac fan knows about a company called Belkin. This company has been around for a while, designing and selling all kinds of 3rd party accessories for Macs, as well as iOS devices. They wouldn’t be around this much, without interesting, innovative and quality made products. Still, Belkin has gone through some ups and downs, but their latest product, made for Apple’s iPhone 5, seems to be doing a lot of harm while receiving a lot of negative reviews from the customers as well as other professional reviewers. This is why we took it for a test, and decided to get our own opinion.

This product is named “Charge + Sync Dock with Audio port for iPhone 5”, so I guess they could have come up with a catchier name, which could be marketed a lot better. This is basically a dock, made for iPhone 5 and the newest generation of iPod Touch, since it uses Lightning cable to charge your device. Just by looking at it, you can see that this is not a typical dock, and that designers tried to create a product with aesthetics which are complementary to Apple’s design philosophy. While it does seem interesting with its curved shape and grey tones, you have to wonder why its looks the way it does. It seems big, and lifts your iPhone very high, for a simple dock. The reason behind this is somewhat complicated two-piece design, and some technology behind that visible AUX cable.

In order to use this dock, you first need to set it up. This means that you need to separate outer grey shell from the rest of the body, which will reveal a small passage for your Lighting cable, since you’ll need to use the one you’ve got with your iPhone 5. Simply place a cable so that its tip is visible and return the outer shell, which is attached magnetically. Now, this is where the real problem comes up. This mechanism works well in theory, but it simply doesn’t work well in practice. This magnetic attachment should firmly sticks the Lightning cable, so you can effortlessly place you iPhone and lift it up in a second. Well, when you try to lift it up, it will also pull a whole Lightning cable, so you will have to detach it with your hand. Perhaps you can detach it without puling a cable if you hold this dock very, very tightly which is a real problem.

Next problem is that audio port which “allows you to listen to a music using headphones, while charging your iPhone 5”, as Belkin stated. That is also a good idea in theory, since iPhone 5 now has audio port placed right next to a Lightning port. I never had a need to listen to a music, while holding iPhone in a dock, but I assume that there are some music lovers who would like this. However it’s just too much work and too much cables wrapped around this dock. In case I really need to use my headphones, I would simply get rid of this dock which is non-functional mediator.

Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Review

We have all been in situations where the iPhone drains out in the middle of some important business, without any possibility of giving it a fast charge. People who use notebooks, tablets and smartphones for work, know how important it is to have an additional external battery, which will double your devices’ battery life. There are also external power storages, which are designed to charge your device on demand, but there are quite a few problems with those. They are usually large and heavy, they come with bunch of cables and nice design was not one of the essential things when those products were created. This all changed thanks to Mophie’s new product.

Mophie is a company best known for iPhone and iPad accessories, as well as external power solutions for portable Apple devices. Their newest product is called Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation and it’s made to recharge your iPhone and iPad, on demand.

This is a beautifully designed product, where it seems like designers had iPhone on their mind while making sketches and final drafts. This battery resembles original iPhone 4 design, since it is rectangular in shape, its edges are layered with a fine metal strap, while back and front sides are made of glossy plastics. It just feels very nice in hand, and it is small enough to be carried around without any problems. Front side also features Mophie’s logo as well as four LED lights which indicate how much power there’s left.

You will receive USB cable which is used to charge this battery, and you can use iPhone’s 30-pin cable and even new Lightning cable. This makes it suitable for every iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch device.

Just as you would imagine, all you have to do is to connect your iDevice with this battery via original cable, and the charging will begin. It is also important to highlight that Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation features a battery designed for high output, and that is something you’ll notice immediately. It is actually amazing how little time it needs to fully charge iPhone 5. It also features enough power storage to charge iPhone 5 battery not once, but two full times. Since the newest generation features high capacitive battery, this means that older generation can benefit from this device even more.

Even though Mophie says that this battery can be used to fuel up your iPad as well, this is not the case. Newest iPad features 11,000mAh battery, while Powerstation offers only 4,000mAh. This means that you can use it in case you need some power, and can be used in this kind of situations. Older iPads will benefit a bit more, but this is not an adequate external storage solution for a tablet.

All in all, Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation probably the best external power storage solution for iPhones available. It costs only $79, features high capacity battery and charges your iDevice lightning fast.