Overture Wallet Case Review

Overture Wallet Case
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PROS: Quality made. Affordable. Very functional. CONS: None.

Even though I understand that we’re all different and that we all have different ideals of aesthetics and functionality in mind, I’ve never quite understood why someone would use a standard shell-style case while there are so many great wallet cases out there. These cases act just like a regular shell-style case, but they also bring pockets or pouches where you can keep some cash, receipts, or anything else.

In case you’re like me and if you’re searching for a new wallet case for your iPhone 5/5S, than continue reading this article since we’ll be taking a look at Moshi’s Overture case. This is the wallet case, which is available for purchase, and it’s priced at $45.

Overture 3

I’ve had the chance of reviewing several of Moshi’s products, and I was usually very pleased with them. Even though some of those products had some functionality issues, they all brought amazing design and great build quality. That’s why I was very interested in reviewing Overture.

On a first look, Overture looks like just about any folio-style wallet case. On the inside you’ll find the standard looking shell case for your iPhone, which is nicely designed in terms of shape and dimensions. The phone can be placed inside the shell without any problems, yet the shell holds it firmly. On the left side you’ll find the wallet functionality. There are three pockets designed to hold credit or ID cards, but there’s also one very large pocket beneath. This is where you can place some bigger items, or some cash as well. I need to say that the stitching is quality done, so I don’t expect for these pockets to stretch over time.

As you can see from the pictures, there’s a little microfiber pad on the left interior side of this case. This is actually a so-called Neato microfiber cloth, which is detachable. It can be used to clean the phone’s screen, and I feel that this is a very nice addition. This small cloth can be safely washed with mild soap and water if it loses adhesiveness over time, so it will be as brand as new after you wash it.

Overture 2

On the outside, Overture does look like a standard folio-type wallet case. You’ll be able to choose from three color combinations. Two of those (red and black) bring faux leather, while the grey one is layered with a fine fabrics. I also noticed that the stitching is quality done on the outside, so this is one of those products that you’ll be using for a long time. It also needs to be said that this case can be used as a stand by flipping the phone towards the outside, so you’ll be able to use it in its landscape orientation.

In case you’ve got the iPhone 5/5S and you’re looking for a new wallet case, I would warmly recommend purchasing Moshi’s Overture. It’s affordable and brings great build quality, as well as all other qualities that you can expect from a folio-style wallet case.


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